Restaurant Point of Sale with All the Extras

We offer Heartland Auxiliary Cloud Services to expand your restaurant point of sale (POS) functionality to
support your restaurant’s unique way of doing business.

Guest List

Guest List Solution helps you organize reservations made on any channel —whether online, mobile app, phone, or in person—and never overbook or lose a reservation. Guest List also provides accurate wait times and text or voice alerts when tables are ready.


Guest Engagement Application

Enhance any restaurant experience with the Guest Engagement Application compatible with Android and Apple that allows guests to track and manage rewards, skip the line, scan to pay, order and review history, and more all from their very fingertips.

Gift Cards and Loyalty

The gift card solutions we provide integrate with your restaurant point of sale system, include unlimited transactions for a low monthly fee, and even offer design assistance so your cards reflect your logo and your brand. Gift cards can also double as loyalty cards to provide your customers with added convenience.

Email Marketing

Leverage Email Marketing customer relationship management solution to engage customers and increase customer loyalty through effective email marketing. Email Marketing enables you to make personalized offers and market more effectively.

Self Order Kiosk

You don’t have to be a large chain to afford the benefits of implementing self-order kiosks. Load the kiosk app onto any iPad device anywhere in the restaurant to allow your customers to order themselves and get it just the way they like it.


Online Ordering

Our online ordering solution lets customers submit, review, and track the status of their order from any mobile device while allowing their order to integrate directly into the point of sale queue on a platform that can easily be customized to your brand.

Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager solution gives you access to detailed POS, sales, inventory, and scheduling reports from any internet-connected computer or mobile device. It can also send email or text alerts to keep you informed of business performance.

Managed Firewall

We offer the Control Scan managed firewall solution to keep your business in compliance with PCI standards and for greater protection from malware and cyberattacks. We also offer a service that enables your business to keep operating even if there is an internet outage.

How Would You Like that Delivered?

Many of the solutions and services we offer can be provided through the Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. Your solution is delivered through the cloud rather than installing software onto your business’ computer or server. With solutions provided as a service, you never have to worry about software updates or security patches—they’re automatically handled for you—and you are always running the most updated version of the software. This is also a more budget-friendly way to have full-featured software; instead of an upfront cost to purchase software, you pay a monthly fee. SaaS and PaaS also make it easier to add features and scale when your business grows.

Learn More About the Benefits of Choosing HTS

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