Heartland Digital Dining: Attractive, Intuitive,

Experience the advantages of equipping your business with a restaurant point of sale (POS) system designed by restaurateurs and based on more than three decades of experience: Heartland Digital Dining. Digital Dining equips your restaurant with exactly the right tools you need to operate efficiently and profitably, whether you have one location or 100.  Redlands, CA-based Hospitality Technology Systems is ready to provide your café, fine dining, casual dining, or quick service restaurant with a comprehensive POS solution that allows you to keep your focus on providing great customer service and serving irresistible cuisine.

No Compromise
Equip your business with a full-featured POS system that’s easy to use.
Workflow Support
Highly customizable software enables you optimize screens for different workstations.
Great Dining Experiences
Minimize waiting, increase order accuracy and provide fast, secure checkout.
More Profit Potential
Turn tables faster, control labor costs, and minimize loss and waste.

POS Software that Makes You and Your Waitstaff Better at Your Jobs

Give your business the advantage of POS designed for the restaurant industry

  • Train Faster

    With Digital Dining, training new employees is quicker and easier, so they can become productive members of your team sooner.

  • Provide Service More Efficiently

    An intuitive user interface enables your servers to enter orders faster and more efficiently. You can also add handheld POS, to transmit orders from the tableside to the kitchen.

  • Manage More Effectively

    Access business data by logging in from a mobile device or a PC, anytime, anywhere to always have the information and insight you need.

Heartland Digital Dining Features

Invest in the POS that will help your business succeed

  • Customizable Menus and Pricing

    Add items, configure modifiers, or price specials or promotions, even if you manage multiple locations.

  • Fast, Simple Checkout

    Configure screens to help your staff provide fast, accurate service.

  • Shared Items and Split Checks

    Accommodate customer requests with advanced check management capabilities.

  • KDS Management

    Integrate your kitchen display system with Digital Dining for perfectly timed meals

  • Detailed Reporting

    Use sales, trends, and customer data for fact-based business decisions.

  • Advanced Inventory Management

    Ensure items are always in stock while minimizing waste.

  • PA-DSS Validated Software and PCI-DSS Compliant Payment

    Keep payment data and your business secure.

  • Labor Management

    Manage clock-ins and ID for schedule enforcement and labor cost control.

  • Online Ordering

    Integrate online ordering with Digital Dining for streamlined workflows and greater order accuracy.

  • 24/7 Support

    Backed by a U.S-trained technical support staff

Mobile Cloud-Based Management and Reporting

Manage your business anytime, anywhere

  • Access your Digital Dining system with any internet-connected device.
  • Access reports on inventory, sales, and weekly usage.
  • Monitor metrics and receive email reports.
  • Track voids, high tips, and transfers to minimize shrinkage.

Learn About the Benefits of a Digital Dining Solution

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