Gift Cards Are Good for Business

The Right Solution Will Help Your Business Grow

Restaurant gift cards continue to be in-demand for holiday giving, special events and corporate gifts. Research shows 90 percent of hospitality customers received a gift card last year. Meet your customers’ demand for gift cards with Gift. This, low-cost, cloud-based solution enables you to offer gift cards designed with your name and logo to increase brand awareness. Gift cards are also an effective way to attract new customers and build your business. The comprehensive Gift solution, including effective marketing, can help you increase revenue by up to 40 percent.

gift cards

Not an Ordinary Gift Card Program

Gift is Designed for Business Growth

  • Marketing Support

    Gift includes comprehensive marketing support by phone, best practices and marketing how-to resources, and seasonal point of purchase materials to help you maximize your gift card revenue stream.

  • Easy Conversion

    Converting from your existing program to Gift is easy and it keeps key elements of your current program intact.

  • Added Automation

    When you use Gift as an add-on to Ordering, you gain fully integrated payments and automated accounting functionality.

Gift Features

Upgrade to a full-featured, effective gift card solution:

  • Cloud-based customer data management
  • Registration and account management from your website
  • Account settlement and reporting for multisite card usage
  • Get permission to collect vital customer data
  • Bulk loading capabilities
  • Card customization
  • No IT services needed for set up or configuration

Learn more about Gift

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