Offer Better Experiences

Choose Heartland’s Guest Engagement App

Connect with Customers

Provide better customer experiences that increase loyalty by offering the conveniences they crave.


Speed up Service

Give guests the power to reduce their own wait times by ordering ahead, skipping the line, and scanning to pay.


Boost Your Bottom Line

Improve revenue with personalized promotions, location-based marketing tools, and upselling prompts.

Loyalty Rewards

Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again
  • Accrue

    Scan for Points lets guests easily accrue loyalty points by scanning the QR code on transaction receipts.

  • Track

    Each receipt scanned is saved to the app, allowing guests to track loyalty points and view order history.

  • Redeem

    Guests can turn loyalty points into rewards via the app once they accrue enough to meet point goals.

Cutting-Edge Features

How the Guest Engagement App Benefits Your Business
  • Marketing: With proximity-based iBeacon technology, you can automatically market to customers in close proximity when the app is installed on their phones.
  • Guest Controls: Guests with the app are invited to place their orders ahead of time as soon as they enter your restaurant, and scan QR codes on checks to pay when they’re done.
  • Integrations: Heartland’s guest engagement app integrates seamlessly to share information with your POS, as well as other solutions like online ordering and delivery.

Your Trusted Local Provider

Get the Most out of Your Technology by Choosing HTS
  • Experience: Our experts understand your industry and can assist you with choosing the right solutions to overcome your biggest challenges.
  • Service: We provide on-site installation, setup, and training so that you can minimize downtime and achieve more productivity with your solutions.
  • Support: We are available 23/7/365 with quick response times and local or remote support to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Learn About the Benefits of a Guest Engagement App

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