24/7 Remote Management

All the capabilities of on-site restaurant management from your mobile device

You can’t always anticipate when you will need access to your point of sale (POS) system, business data, or reports. So Mobile Manager lets you connect from your Apple or Android mobile device — or even your smartwatch — whenever you need to. Mobile Manager gives you full remote management capabilities 24/7 and allows you to receive real-time push notifications based on the criteria you set. Experience the peace of mind of knowing the information and visibility you need, at any time, is only a few clicks away.

The Business Benefits of Mobile Manager

Keep a close watch on restaurant operations and performance, anytime

  • Stay in Control

    Monitor POS data when you’re away from the restaurant, so there’s no surprises when you return.

  • Receive Alerts

    Set thresholds that will trigger an alert sent to your mobile device, for example, when labor hours reach a set maximum.

  • Minimize Loss

    Keep a close watch on operations to prevent theft at the point of sale due and monitor trends that could lead to shrinkage.

  • Stay Connected

    Give your staff a way to communicate with you quickly and efficiently while you’re away.

Mobile Manager Features

Stay in control of your business with Mobile Manager’s advanced features:

  • Manage multiple restaurant locations from a single app
  • Access sales and labor data anytime
  • Receive alerts for voids, refunds, or other specified transactions
  • View and share details of archived guest checks
  • Smartwatch integration
  • Available for POS solution

Learn more about Mobile Manager

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