Provide the Conveniences Guests Crave



Reduce order errors and improve customer satisfaction by giving guests full control.



Take more orders in a shorter time frame without increasing labor expenses though automation.



A user-friendly interface makes it faster and easier than ever for guests to input their own orders.

Seamless Integration with Your POS

Sync up Your Restaurant from Front to Back
  • Kiosk

    Guests can take their time browsing the menu and viewing upsell prompts, then input their orders into the kiosk along with any modifiers or sides.

  • Point of Sale

    Orders are immediately and automatically transmitted to the POS so counter staff can process transactions and data can be stored in your system.

  • Kitchen Display System

    Orders are sent from the POS to the kitchen display so your kitchen staff can begin preparing and fulfilling orders ASAP.

Top Business Benefits

What You Can Achieve with Self-Service Kiosks
  • Reduce Labor Expenses: Free up servers by allowing customers to input their own orders and reallocate labor to other areas.
  • Gain Valuable Insight: Capture customer data to analyze customer purchasing behaviors to create more effective promotions.
  • Increase Revenue: Leverage upselling and cross-selling prompts to entice guests to order more and increase average spend.

Local Support from HTS

We Protect Your Investment
  • Guidance: Our industry experts guide you every step of the way to make sure your business needs are addressed.
  • Assistance: We take care of everything I.T.—from installation and setup to training and maintaining.
  • Support: Our team is available every hour of every day to answer questions, provide support, and solve issues.

Learn About the Benefits of Heartland’s Innovative Self-Order Kiosk

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