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The Dell PowerEdge 830 server gives you a choice of processor power so that your server can deliver what you need. For optimum performance and multiple applications, the PowerEdge 830 supports the Intel Pentium D processor with new dual core technology that combines two processing units into a single processor chip.

It is a great solution if you are running messaging applications, providing shared Internet access and Web serving to employees, and running productivity applications simultaneously. The dual core processing power can result in dramatic increases in performance and power efficiency compared to single core processors.

Keeping your server operating at its best is an important part of a cost-effective solution. The PowerEdge 830 server is built to ensure maximum uptime and data protection.

EasyExchange SCSI hard drives simplify switching drives with minimum downtime, an especially convenient feature for point-of-sale environments that need to update pricing databases. And the hot-plug SCSI RAID arrays mean that if a drive fails, server usage can continue.

Moreover, the PowerEdge 830 server is compatible with high capacity tape backup and external storage solutions for dependable data availability. It can support either IDE or SCSI internal tape backup units, external SCSI tape and direct attach storage systems.